This Day 2003: insomnia, yoga, prozac

  performed in Swain Hall on the campus of the University of North Carolina, April 2003      

This Day, 2003: insomnia, yoga, prozac is a collaborative, electronic media installation and performance. This event combines elements from performance, installation, and media art. It uses video projection (five projections on twelve screens), live performance (two actors), sound, and live video mixing. It draws from mass media, popular culture, and lived experience.

This Day, 2003: insomnia, yoga, prozac focuses on the daily experience of living and navigating in an information-saturated world. It investigates the role of information technologies in forming cultural and personal narratives. The fragmented, undifferentiated information that is associated with information technologies affects our daily perceptions. These perceptions and experiences inform the narratives that reflect our understanding of the world.

This Day, 2003: insomnia, yoga, prozac is a spatial experience. It amplifies the lived interaction between material space and information space. This Day creates an immersive environment in which viewers construct their own narrative as they walk through the space. The process of information reception – selecting, connecting, and subordination – is transferred to our physical spaces. This sense of continual motion and constant flow of information cause an inability to situate meaning and limits our ability to act.

  This Day 2003: insomnia, yoga, prozac used five video projections on 12 screens. This view shows nine screens on various planes. It is approximately 16 feet across. In the background is an actor. She posts information on a large panel.
This image show another angle of the multi-screen projection.
This actor continuously receives information via a pulley sytem from a computer operator. She sorts and displays the information on a large panel.
This screen is opposit the multi-screen projections. Live video mixing is projected. Intermittently, an actor performs yoga in front of the screen.