The photos below are frames from video shot during the performance.

This photo shows a continuously running multiscreen projection on the left. On the right is a row of silhouette figures. Hanging in front of the figures is a row of plexiglas lenses.
(video clip)

This photo was taken from the opposite side from the photo above. On the right is a suspended screen. The projection visible is one of the two live mixes. In the center is the second performer. His mix is projected onto his back and on the other side of the suspended screen. (video clip)  
Shot from behind the row of lenses. In the background on the right is the multiscreen projection. In the background on the left is the suspended screen. (video clip)
This photo was taken from behind the lenses. Viewers trigger motion sensors that turn on lights behind the lenses, as shown in this photo.
(video clip)
This shows one of the performers. On the right is the row of lenses. The multiscreen projection is on the left. (video clip)

Multiscreen projection.

(video clip)